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StatusPro - 1.3.1

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StatusPro is a complete redesign of the iOS status bar for all devices! Built on Nepeta's amazing Exo/Exobar framework, it offers weather, cellular, music, and typical status bar info at a touch. It even comes with a control center view designed on its own to look great, while still providing the same functionality offered anywhere on your phone.

You can edit the carrier image and text in the preferences pane in Exobar, along with many other variables.


This tweak, along with Exo/Exobar, is currently being maintained by @_kritanta for the time being. Please direct support to them.

This tweak is a beta, and iOS 13 support with Exo is heavily experimental. This tweak may also cause issues with installing other Exobar themes (not that any exist, but hey). Do not touch the default theme in Exobar/Themes, it may cause issues with uninstalling StatusPro itself.