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Pagebar - 1.1.4

3.92/5 (115 votes).

Pagebar. Make your page dots yours. Includes 4 "themes", the default page dots (but movable and colorable), "Pagebar", An entirely new view, "minidots", which are the default page dots but 5px in size instead of 7px (like in the weather app), and "hidden", which hides the page dots. 


1.1.1 Update 

1.1 Update

This will (probably) be the last update with me (/u/Calicocatalyst) as the main developer, due to the drama in the community being too much/stupid for me to handle. I have better things to do with my life than deal with a bunch of ego tripping users who control a majority of the discussion within the community. I'll catch you guys later, more on who is taking over the tweak coming soon :)


Fixed custom colors for mini/default theme